An audience looks towards a stage with students, t在这里 are mums and red backdrops set up behind them

秋天降临了艾达山, the changing of the leaves and cooler breezes signaling the ‘end of the beginning’ of the school year, as 校长 Jenny Rao calls the annual Fall Family Weekend activities on campus. Our campus community welcomed families to these gray walls through receptions, 早间特别报道, 类访问, 随着2023-2024学年的开始,这一数字还会增加. 

秋季家庭周末从周四晚上开始, with a 大学咨询 workshop and dinner (and bingo) before the early morning Friday Morning Reports. 在体育馆集合, the Morning Reports team kicked off the special gathering with ‘Rao Rumbles,’ a segment during which 校长 Jenny Rao answers questions left anonymously in a box outside her office. 在本期节目中. Rao answered a question asking for advice when it comes to tackling a large list of things to do when one is feeling overwhelmed. 

Ms. Rao reminded the community of the importance of prioritizing those things that refuel us—exercising, 读一本书, 烘烤饼干, alongside tangible tools to help wrangle an overwhelming to-do list like breaking large tasks up into smaller plans and then trusting that plan (but also, a reminder to check in with your advisor if you’re feeling overwhelmed often)!

一个女人站在讲台上,台上放着鲜花和南瓜, 她微笑着对着麦克风说话.

校长 Jenny Rao delivers 'Rao Rumbles' during Fall Family Weekend.


Rao Rumbles还需要回答另一个问题. 饶,什么是爱情?”

“I wonder what this student was thinking when they asked this question,” she started. 也许他们在想, 我怎么知道我恋爱了, 或者爱的感觉到底是什么或者不是什么? 我对这个问题的解释是恋爱的感觉.”

“对我的爱。. 饶继续说,“是我生活的基石. 它很强大, 它表现在很多方面:对学习的热爱, 对生命的热爱, 澳博下载app地址生活中的人. 爱也会让人心碎! 我相信勇敢的人爱...爱是勇气.”

下面的女士. Rao的讲话,学生主任 & 社区 Life Emily Carton and Dean of Students Shelley Maher took a moment to celebrate the 86 red-tier student leaders for the 2023-2024 class year. 澳博下载app地址的学生领袖是艾玛学生的重要资源, 校园里有很多学生领导的机会. 在这里阅读更多关于艾玛的学生领导角色!

继这些荣誉之后,多萝西C. 24年和博米·L. ’24, 学生多元化领导小组(SDLG)代表, 他在大会上就土著人民日发表了讲话. “The idea for this holiday was first proposed by indigenous peoples at a United Nations conference in 1977,他们开始问道。. “Since 2021, Indigenous People’s Day has been a federal holiday in the U.S. 在乔·拜登总统签署了一份声明之后, supporting a promise of equity and respect for human rights of indigenous people in America and around the world.”

The students noted that the goal of this day is to “shine a spotlight on the strength and resilience of Native Americans who endured centuries of violence, 歧视, 文化消除,” while also “celebrating the vibrant indigenous communities that exist today in the U.S.”

SDLG provided the audience with several ways to engage with and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, 包括: 

  • 探索澳博下载app地址目前居住的土地的信息: for example, Troy, NY is land that was stewarded by the Mohican Nation.
  • Listen to and amplify indigenous voices and become invested in the stories of indigenous experiences, 与周围的人分享你的学习.
  • Educate yourself about actions and words that can have a harmful impact on present-day indigenous communities: for example, 寻找当地的手工艺人,支持他们的工作, rather than purchasing from companies who have appropriated those 工艺品. 

多萝西C. 24年和博米·L. 24人代表SDLG在晨报.


Morning Reports also saw announcements from Emma Arch for Fall Fest 2023 (including cookie decorating, 南瓜绘画, 以及备受期待的秋季疯狂奥运会!), a competition between current students and parents for “Are You Smarter than an Emma Student?” and an informative segment on LGBTQ+ 历史 Month and National Coming Out Day.

Two students laugh at a clipboard as they attempt to answer questions in a game on stage.

罗亚年代. 24岁的格蕾丝·M.24名学生在《澳博app》节目中与家长进行比赛.


玛雅LC. 1925年和吉赛尔·N. 26代表骄傲, 指出“全国出柜日”是在10月11日设立的, 1988 by Robert Eichsberg and Jean O’Leary” commemorating the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1987. 

“The day was established to promote visibility and acceptance for LGBTQ+ individuals and to encourage a more inclusive society,” as well as challenging stereotypes and prejudices and providing a platform for members of the community to share their experiences, “helping to break down barriers and foster understanding among the wider community.”


玛雅LC. 1925年和吉赛尔·N. 26人代表《澳博下载app地址》的骄傲.


The Black and Latinx Student Union (BLSU) also highlighted Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month, with an invitation to a celebratory festival taking place later this week with trivia games, 工艺品, 和零食. BLSU联合负责人Zaniyah A. 1924年和安尼拉·L. ’25 announced that the festival will also host a fundraiser to benefit the 纽约首都地区拉美裔商会.


BLSU联合负责人Zaniyah A. 1924年和安尼拉·L. 25日在晨报上宣布lhm音乐节.


今天的《澳博app》特别节目由主持人艾娃·V·奥巴马(Ava V. 26号转送了接下来几天的体育项目名单, 著名的社区生日, and let the assembly know they would be dismissed after singing the Alma Mater!

以下早间报道, families joined their students in a sped-up version of a day of classes, meeting 老师s and getting a taste of what a day at Emma is like for their student. 午餐回到了健身房,吃了一顿美味的艾玛大餐, 上课前, 会议, 也有机会亲临艾玛的历史现场 伊丽莎白“丽兹”派瑞菲尔德奉献.

Three students dressed in Jester costumes smile widely for the camera.

小丑庆祝女士. 帕里!


小丑比比皆是, and the community came together on the edge of the upper playing field to look down at the Robison Track and the new scoreboard featuring beloved coach, 老师, 和朋友伊丽莎白·"丽兹"·帕里的名字. 当澳博下载app地址向奥巴马夫人致敬时,与会者挥舞着学校颜色的彩球. 帕里’s decades of athletic leadership and excellence at 澳博app (view the whole ceremony 在这里).

Liz 帕里 and her father pose together at her field dedication ceremony.

丽兹·帕里和她的父亲在婚礼上摆姿势, in the background family members take photos of the score board with the new 'Elizabeth 帕里 Field' moniker.




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